Jieon Lee(1994), a curator, adeptly connects scientific images—both factual and fictional—with the emergence of new normality. Focused on various media and technologies utilising the “body”
as a medium, Lee explores the intersection of scientific representation and societal shifts. Lee curated and co-curated the exhibitions including Hybrid Isolated Landscape, Malta Biennale 2024 Thematic Pavilion, A Deliberate and Rapid Transplant (Art Space Mullae, 2023), Contrology (Hall 1, 2022), Underwater Hibernation (PLACEMAK3, 2021), and Emerging Landscape: A New Normality (Royal West of England Academy, 2019), among others.

Selected Exhibitions

— Curator, Hybrid Isolated Landscape, Malta Biennale 2024 Thematic Pavilion, National Museum of Archaeology (Valletta, Malta)
— Co-curator, Gulp, Doosan Art Center (Seoul, South Korea)
— Curator, Stretching to the future, Industra Gallery (Brno, Czech)
— Curator, A Deliberate and Rapid Transplant, Seoul Art Space Mullae (Seoul, South Korea), 3rd Nov - 29th Nov 2023_Awarded on Unfold X Curator Camp
— Curator, a fist is a fist is a fist, Boan1924, CHOI&CHOI Gallery, 413Beta (Seoul, South Korea), 2nd Sep - 10th Dec 2023
— Project Manager, Natural Born Odds, Salihara Arts Center (Jakarta, Indonesia), 18th Nov - 26th Nov 2023
— Guest Curator, MAP (Month of Arts Practice); The Alternative Mobility, Heritage Space(Hanoi, Vietnam), 1st Oct to 14th Dec 2023 
— Co-curator, Contrology, Hall1 (Seoul, South Korea), 12th Nov to 26th Nov 2022_Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
— Curator, Ecotone: Capacity for Escape, Post Territory Ujeongguk (Seoul, South Korea) 1st Oct to16th Oct 2022 _Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
— Curator, Fragile Zone, Future Society (Space of the Dazed Magazine)(Seoul, South Korea) 23rd Feb to 11th March 2022
— Curator, Underwater Hibernation, PLACE MAK (Seoul, South Korea) 9th Dec to 29th Dec 2021 _ Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
— Co-curator, Emerging Landscape: A New Normality, Royal West of England Academy (Bristol, UK) 22nd May to 23rd Jun 2019_ Supported by the University of Bristol

Work (Institutional) History

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) - Seoul and Gwacheon, South Korea 
Curatorial Assistant
— Managed the traditional biennale show of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea(MMCA) entitled Young Korean Artist 2023: Annotating the Museum.
— Assist with commissioned works, handling all aspects of project delivery in line.
— Coordinated the show entitled Modern Design: The Art of Life, Industry, and Diplomacy.

Busan Biennale Organizing Committee(BBOC) - Busan, South Korea 
Member of Exhibition Team
— Managed the production at the one of primary venues of Busan Biennale 2022 We, On the Rising
— Managed Biennale Pre-program entitled "Warm-up Program" with multi-disciplines.
— Directed the Busan city art book Map of Art Expenditure which introduces Busan local art communities, alternative spaces and artists.

June 2017 - December 2017
Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA) - Seoul, South Korea
Exhibition Coordinator
— Coordinated the shows and managed the exhibition tour program 
— Supported the exhibition HIGHLIGHTS with the Cartier Foundation Collection 


September 2018 - December 2019
University of Bristol Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
Master of Arts in History of Art
Awarded ‘Distinction’ on the Master’s Dissertation “Nam June Paik: The Bridge Between Artist
From Surrealism and Fluxus Movement”

March 2012 - February 2017
Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, South Korea
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design (Architecture)
Awarded Academic Scholarship in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and Creative Global Scholarship in 2016
Awarded the publication prize for the thesis at the Korean Institute of Culture Architecture
(KICA) 2016 “Study on the Design for Activating Dongmyo Market through Group collective
memories and Publicity”


2023 Doosan Curator Workshop (Doosan Art Center Korea) 
2023 Unfold X Curator Camp 2023 (Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture)
2023 Arko Art &Tech Track1 (Art Council of Korea)
2021 Seoul Artists’ Platform New&Young _ Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture 
2018 ‘Think Big Scholar’ of the University of Bristol

Publication & Lecture

Brave New World: New Media Art, co-author, CICA Museum Press, 2022

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